Welcome to KUDU KLIP


ZAH_61462KUDU KLIP is an exclusive, world famous hair accessory handcrafted in the United States. Please be careful when purchasing your KUDU because there are imposters. We feel very strongly about the charitable efforts behind our hair clip.  When you purchase these unique hair accessories, you are supporting BUILD ON HOPE, our non-profit organization. 


Wear In Your Hair

  • Holds all types of hair in place
  • Comfortable & Beautiful
  • Stays secure during all activities
  • Creates over 20 quick hairstyles
  • Stunning for evening wear
  • Crafted with top quality materials

Used All Over The World

  • Golfers
  • Professional Women
  • Equestrians
  • Dancers
  • Tennis Players
  • Cheerleaders
  • All Active Women
  • Bike Riders

Show That You Care


Our focus in Africa is on animal conservation.  We have put together a plan of action against the poaching that is taking place all over Africa. Let us come together and speak out for these animals.  If we don't save them over there, we will not have them over here!